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  • Sam Bowman

    Sam Bowman is a founding editor of Works in Progress. Previously, he was director of competition policy at the ICLE, principal at Fingleton, and executive director of the Adam Smith Institute.

    He lives in South London, and is an enthusiastic cook, restaurant goer, and weight lifter.

  • Saloni Dattani

    Saloni Dattani is a founding editor of Works in Progress and an editor at Stripe Press. She is also a PhD student, science writer, and researcher at Our World in Data.

    She grew up in Hong Kong, lives in South London, and enjoys photography, birdwatching, long walks and museums.

  • Ben Southwood

    Ben Southwood is a founding editor of Works in Progress. He has been head of research at Create Streets, and head of housing at Policy Exchange, been part of three successful Emergent Ventures grants, and worked as a public sector consultant for KPMG.

    He lives in South London and is a fan of natural wine, sour beer, ambient music and cricket.

  • Nick Whitaker

    Nick Whitaker is a founding editor of Works in Progress. He studied philosophy at Brown University where he was a member of the PPE Society, founded Brown Effective Altruism, and conducted interviews for Brown Political Review.

    He lives in Manhattan and enjoys skiing, cycling, coffee, and the history of film.

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